EcoSox Bamboo Hiking Socks

EcoSox Bamboo Hiking Socks

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The EcoSox bamboo socks is perfect for hiking or backpacking as it will keep your feet dry, odor and blister free when you're on the trail. They come in both men and women sock sizes and colours.

Why Bamboo socks?

  • Bamboo fibers are really soft against skin
  • It has similar properties as Merino wool
  • It absorbs 3 - 4 times more moisture than cotton
  • Bamboo is one of the most ecologically friendly grasses on our planet

Best features

Very soft and comfortable

Why this brand?

EcoSox is a partner of One Tree Planted which is a non-profit dedicated to fighting global deforestation. When you purchase a pair of these socks, one tree will be planted.